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Stephen Ormerod

I work in a variety of materials these days but started my career using coloured pencils back in 89. I never felt confident enough to use a brush at that time but later realized this was more about me than skill. I worked alongside Derwent Pencils for 23 years as a demonstrator exploring all their new materials creating images that would later define my style. I enjoy passing on these experiences and techniques to others in the hope they to can enjoy art as I do; by sharing these skills and experiences I also develop personally.

In more recent times I’ve opened Art & Soul Studio Gallery in Padiham Lancashire ( which is a joint creative space. I’m also working on a more rural version which will involve artist studio space and workshops set around a 17th century farmhouse and ancient woodlands.

Working with coloured pencils has been a big part of my life I look forward to sharing new work and experiences through the UKCPS.





July 2015




African Light




© Stephen Ormerod

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