UK Coloured Pencil Society

UKCPS 16th Annual Open International Exhibition 2017

The Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU.
25th April - 6th May 2017

Submission is open to all living artists. The work must be original (concept, design and execution by the artist), at least 50% coloured pencil, demonstrate compositional and drawing skills, and ability to use coloured pencil. Entries must not have been shown in a previous UKCPS annual exhibition, nor been an award winner at our Regional or Keswick exhibitions. Rules for information.

Bev Lewis - Dartmoor Magic

Faber Castell Best in Show Award
Bev Lewis UKCPS Gold - Dartmoor Magic



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Monday 24th April - Delivery of pictures 10.30am to 12.30am. Private View 6.30pm - if you would like an invite please contact us.

Tuesday 25th April-Saturday 29th April - Exhibition open, 11am-6pm. Daily demonstrations.

Tuesday 2nd May - Exhibition open, 11am-6pm. Demo: Morryce Maddams.
Wednesday 3rd May - Exhibition open, 11am-6pm.
Thursday 4th May - Exhibition open, 11am-6pm. Demo: Morryce Maddams.
Friday 5th May - Exhibition open, 11am-6pm. Demo: David Sandell.
Saturday 6th May - Exhibition open 11am-3pm. Demo Emma Kerridge. 3pm-6pm: Taking down and collection of pictures


     List of Exhibiting Artists

Helen Ainsworth
Ria Axeli
Sarah Ball
France Bauduin UKCPS
Adelina Canolli
J.Y. Chang UKCPS
Sue Clinker UKCPS Gold
Gale Dickinson UKCPS
Roy Eaton UKCPS Silver
Titika Faraklou UKCPS
Raoof Haghighi
Pat Heffer UKCPS Gold
Judith Heilbronn-Crown UKCPS Gold
Suzy Herbert UKCPS Diamond
Corinne Hills
Nicola Holdsworth
Sarah Hope UKCPS
Abigail Jones UKCPS
Emma Kerridge
Yana Kucheeva
Mark Langley
E Jane Lazenby UKCPS
Bev Lewis UKCPS Gold
Judith Logan UKCPS

Simon Lord
Carmen Lyons
Morryce Maddams UKCPS Silver
Julie Ann Maguire
Victoria Manser
Chantal Marcotte
Paco Martin
Timothy Morrison
Peter Nelson UKCPS
Victoria Parsons UKCPS Silver
Catherine Pascoe
Janie Pirie UKCPS Silver
Susan Poole UKCPS
Pamela Preller UKCPS Silver
David Sandell UKCPS Silver
Judith Selcuk UKCPS
Robert Strange
Tom Strutton
Janet Suffield UKCPS Silver
Eleni Tsapraili
Liedia van de Mortel UKCPS
Maria Villioti UKCPS Silver
Isobel Wardley UKCPS
Patrick Wilkins UKCPS
Alan Woollett UKCPS