UK Coloured Pencil Society

Stratford ArtsHouse, 14 Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6LU

2nd to 11th May 2018

Submission is open to all living artists. The work must be original (concept, design and execution by the artist), at least 50% coloured pencil, demonstrate compositional and drawing skills, and ability to use coloured pencil. Entries must not have been shown in any previous UKCPS exhibition. Rules of Entry for information.

Opening hours 9.00am to 5.30pm every day, 2nd to 11th May 2018.


You may have seen in the press that the Stratford ArtsHouse will be closing its doors to the public in May, we can confirm that the Trust have extended the opening to accommodate the annual exhibition and that the doors will then close after that. If you have any enquiries please contact us direct and not the ArtsHouse to ensure that the information you receive is correct. Please be assured that our exhibition will not be affected in any way and will proceed as planned.


     List of Exhibiting Artists

Ria Axeli
Angela Bartlett
France Bauduin UKCPS Silver
Philip Bladon
Christine Bozier UKCPS
Isobel Buckley
Tiffany Budd UKCPS Gold
Monique Castellani-Kraan
J Y Chang UKCPS Silver
Dawn Charles
Stuart Clark
Sue Clinker UKCPS Gold
Jackie Cox UKCPS Silver
Gillian Dorricott
Roy Eaton UKCPS Silver
Titika Faraklou UKCPS Silver
Irina Garmashova-Cawton UKCPS Silver
Sandra George
Jo Goudie UKCPS Gold
Brenda Mary Green
Pat Heffer UKCPS Gold
Judith Heilbronn-Crown UKCPS Gold
Rachel Henderson
Suzy Herbert UKCPS Diamond
Nicola Holdsworth
Amie Howard
Naomi Rose Johnson
Pat Kent UKCPS
Peter Knight
Mark Langley UKCPS
Judith Logan UKCPS Silver
Simon Lord

Morryce Maddams UKCPS Silver
Julie Ann Maguire
Victoria Manser UKCPS
Chantal Marcotte
Paco Martin UKCPS
Jane Miller Robinson
Claire Mills
Barbara Murray UKCPS Silver
Peter Nelson UKCPS Silver
Elizabeth Noble
Victoria Parsons UKCPS Silver
Alison Perkins UKCPS
Janie Pirie UKCPS Silver
Susan Poole UKCPS Silver
Selina Pope
David Sandell UKCPS Silver
Judith Selcuk UKCPS
Cathy Settle
Lesley Sharman UKCPS Silver
Efstathia Simou
Bonny Snowdon
Deb Stanley
Robert Strange UKCPS
Janet Ann Suffield UKCPS Silver
Pauline Thompson
Eleni Tsapraili UKCPS
Martin Vela
Maria Villioti UKCPS Silver
Isobel Wardley UKCPS Silver
Jane Wilkes
Fang Xie
Denise Yapp

Selection Judges:


Sandra Wall Armitage SBA, President of the SBA - website


Karina Griffiths, President of the AUSCPA - website


Jake Spicer, Tutor of Draw - website


Awards Judge at Private View:


Michael Culverwell. President of the Stratford Arts Society - website