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Jayne Brewster Beard

I was born into a family where artistic talent runs deep. For that very reason, I did not attend art school, as I wanted to become a lawyer, and make lots of money instead! In the end, I drowned in my own gene pool, and ended up as an artist, anyway. My bank manager has never forgiven me.

Thanks to my parents, and that gifted tribe of aunts and uncles, it is pushing it, a bit, to describe myself as ‘self taught’. I was also fortunate enough to be taken on by the in-house studio of Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, who finally buckled after regular pestering from an annoying kid with a portfolio, and an ego the size of Texas. I will always be grateful to everyone there for completing my education, by pointing out that I was not nearly as good as I thought I was, and their patience and generosity in showing me how to improve.

I spent many happy years there- eventually as the sole non-technical illustrator, producing everything from portraits and cartoons to sculpture, but I always enjoyed broadening my horizons with personal and freelance projects. I have had three one woman shows – two in London’s Covent Garden and a major ‘retrospective’ (If that doesn’t sound too pretentious!) at Derby Industrial Museum. I am now a full time freelance artist, working for both corporate and private clients.

Coloured pencil has been my ‘weapon of choice’ since the 1990s. I love the discipline of the medium, but also the relative speed with which multi layered, almost tempera –like effects can be achieved. I increase the painterly appearance by using a textured printing paper, Rives Design, for my work. When it comes to pencils, I use any old rubbish. In fact, any old rubbish tends to work best on the unforgiving surface of Rives Woven, which can grind Karismas to paste in half a day.

I’m based in an attractive Derbyshire village, with my long-suffering husband, Stuart, and a Golden Retriever called George, who, we suspect, is actually the real head of the house. My favourite subjects are the wonderful, ever changing human face, and the world of fantasy, and ‘things unseen’. Oh, and dogs of all shapes and sizes! Sorry, George, I almost forgot.....





Presentation Caricature

Bringing the Summer Home

Paul Merton in The Radio Ham

©Jayne Brewster Beard

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