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Peter Chubb

Although without training in art at school or college, I always enjoyed drawing and painting, although my attempts were largely trial and error. When later working in Sussex I was briefly able to join a local art society, and began to improve.

Moving to Devon on retirement enabled me to develop water colour skills, painting the contrasting moorland and estuarine landscapes. Living now in East Anglia, low horizons and water continue to feature often in my pictures. Interested in the natural environment and conservation, and a volunteer with the R.S.P.B., I like to include birds, even distant, somewhere in a landscape.

Noticing that pets are popular subjects with members, Hector, our Basset, insisted on helping me practise my c.p. skills.

"The Green Man" is shown surrounded by examples of the richly varied fauna and flora of a healthy deciduous woodland.

Visiting the botanic art gallery at Kew, I was excited at the detail and clarity achievable using coloured pencil, and I am working on a series of Suffolk coastal flowers.




May 2014




The Green Man

Downland Flora

©Peter Chubb

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