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Claudia Coudert

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I was born in Germany. Grown up there I showed great interest in crafting and drawing since a very early age. I studied teacher for fine arts and history at the University Leipzig.

Life turned me a bit around Europe. 10 years I lived in Ireland, 6 years ago I settled in France. In Ireland I learned a lot about art work in color pencils, greatly presented by artists from the United Kingdom. I was hooked since then. As a medium it has many advantages for me. It is easy to take on every journey, it is in place to work in few seconds, it doesn't make any mess and best of all - there are no limits in style and subjects to paint or draw.

My favorite subjects are mostly natural studies. Recently I discovered that I like to illustrate certain situations and realized a bit of humor in my drawings. It is a new adventure for me. I am motivated to improve my color pencil skills as well as my illustrative.

You might be curious to look: I am easy to find with my full name on Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook.

Thank you very much for reading

September 2016

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...