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Hazel Hay


I have always dabbled in Art in some form. I gained an A in Higher Art at school and was planning to go onto to do art at a higher level but life got in the way. I gained a 1st Class (Hons) in English Language and Literature whilst raising my boys, but my first year of study brought me back to art and the humanities. In the past few years, through working in secondary education art departments, I have come back to the subject that I enjoy so much.

I would class myself as a beginner but I am enjoying the journey. I like to work in coloured pencil because it gives more control, allows me to work in a detailed way and the possibilities are endless.



Picture info:
Brodie the Beagle - A4, Prismacolor on Mi-Tientes




Brodie the Beagle



©Hazel Hay

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