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Carolyn Kemp

Carolyn KempI am living in Wolverhampton, my day job takes me to many different parts of the world - which is great for my photography, I love taking wildlife, being out in the open, its from my time watching wildlife while photographing that I get inspired to draw a specific image. But its British wildlife that I love drawing the most, partly because I can get close to it at anytime.


I have always remembered loving to draw and use coloured pencils, for a while as an early teenager it was a focus, using ink on slate, charcoal, watercolour and acrylics. Then life got a bit too busy... for eight years I was living in the Philippines and did nothing during that time, I have only started again in the last few years. I love it and by far enjoy using coloured pencils out of all the various medias I have worked with, I use Polychromos pencils.





August 2012




Blackbird - Berry Anyone?

Coal Tit - A Prime Location

Fox - You've Been Spotted


©Carolyn Kemp

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