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Victoria Manser

Despite a lifetime of art and drawing, I am a relative late comer to the world of coloured pencil. Drawing with graphite has always been my medium of choice and although I have explored other mediums; watercolour, pastels and acyrlics, I have never been able to recreate the feel and expression I found with graphite - that is until I chanced across some amazing art in coloured pencil on Facebook of all places and decided to have a go. I've have fallen in love with this medium and am amazed by its versitility.

My art consists mainly of animal subjects and I work to commission offering portraits of domestic animals - horses, dogs, cats etc. For my own artwork my first love is equine art but I'm also developing my skills as a wildlife artist with both domestic and exotic animals.




'Patiently Waiting', size 32x24cm
'Chocolate Donkey Foals', size 30x24cm
'Kavanar', size 38x45cm

August 2015





Patiently Waiting

Chocolate Donkey Foals



©Victoria Hanser

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