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Jennifer Lau Nga-Yuk

Jennifer Lau Nga-YukIt’s my pleasure being succeed getting the 1st life membership of UKCPS outside UK & as 2nd member in China.

When I was young, actually can hold a pen, Mother gave me pencil for drawing. As grow up, she let me attend many handicraft and painting classes which gave me many chance for small competitions and got some prizes as well both in and outside school.

I love using pure pencils & coloured pencils for sketching, drawing & colouring very much.  When I was a primary student, my eldest sister also learnt art in her spare time. At that time, I firstly attracted by water-soluble coloured pencils & experienced its excitement and felt it very miraculous but with very high cost relatively in my impression.

During the time in CSWGSS (my secondary school) which tear down lately, my Art teacher Miss Tong teach us used hard dry pastel sticks for painting & I found it can produce nice picture as conventional coloured pencils and mix & match with CP too!!!

In the past ten years, rush time in high school, university & at work, I most likely self-taught by reading books & using information from Internet, continued my art life. Occasionally, I produced some pictures in different format as gift for my friends & relatives.

Recently, I start my formal training in pure pencils & CP work, and also mix media but with CP as the main fine art medium.

Let’s getting fun with CP in leisure time & being a hobby artist!



1st September 2009.








©Jennifer Lau Nga-Yuk

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