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Paul Wirth

I was fortunate enough to have inherited my father’s ability to draw and paint.

Art was always my favourite subject from primary through to secondary school and I have to thank my wonderful art teacher Mrs Pardue for her guidance and encouragement. I left school with an ‘O’ level in art and a few years later attended evening classes at Aylesbury college and gained an ‘A’ level art .

After many years of not drawing and painting on a regularly basis, my wife encouraged me to get back into my art and join an art group. So in January 2014 I went along to the Longhope art group run by Jackie Cox (UKCPS member). Under Jackie’s guidance I found the inspiration to start creating coloured pencil drawings at a rapid rate! After about a month, I’d created 4 pieces of work and Jackie suggested I join the UKCPS.

I mainly like to work in pen & ink, coloured pencils and watercolour. I’ve never really pushed myself to sell my work, but have done a few commissions. Most of my work is best described as quirky, whimsical, imaginative, surreal or comical.

I still have a lot to learn in terms of technique and getting my head around all the different types of coloured pencils out there, but I’m happy to be creating works of art again.



April 2015




Apples & Pears




© Paul Wirth

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